This one day, eight (8) hour course was created to teach officers to successfully identify common and uncommon concealment areas in household items, internet purchased items, altered devices and specially designed armaments all made with criminal intent to conceal dangerous and deadly weapons.

This class will present students with the tools to understand the functional designs criminals use to conceal every type of weapon designed to injure or kill law enforcement personnel.

Surviving Hidden Weapons uses specific Tactical Advantage and Officer Safety Procedures to provide students with effective techniques designed to enhance their ability to recognize and uncover expertly concealed armaments, while remaining tactically sound during the recovery and extraction process.

Topics discussed during this eight (8) hour course:

  • Where and How Criminals Obtain Items Which Can Conceal Dangerous Weapons
  • Methodical Search Techniques
  • Officer Safety Techniques Every Police Officer should Utilize While Searching
  • Officer Death’s Due to Concealed Weapons
  • Ten Deadly Sins of Law Enforcement