Ultimate Survival Instincts addresses the 24/7 of officer safety from two perspectives:

The Fatal Four:

  • Felonious Assaults
  • Motor vehicle & traffic related incidents
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Emotional Health

The Natural Instinct to Survive: Both an asset and a liability for the modern law enforcement officer, our survival instincts are examined from several perspectives including: Hyper-fight (overreaction in physical confrontations), Flight/Freeze (cognitive deterioration in high stress incidents), the need to add adapt and reason to our fight/flight response, and finally we discuss how our natural instincts aren’t designed to help us survive the more benign activities such as: driving, eating, general conditioning and emotional health.

Survival Instincts is also a Risk Management Seminar designed and taught by police supervisors responsible for lives as well as budgets. They present a very dynamic program that utilizes video, meaningful statistics, case studies and thought-provoking personal experiences in order to impress upon attendees that their personal safety and career survival truly is up to the individual.

Topics discussed over the two day seminar include but are not limited to the following:

  • Overview of felonious assaults
  • Traffic related deaths and causality
  • Physical health and medical dangers of poor health
  • Emotional survival and the reality of suicide in law enforcement
  • Visualization and Preparation
  • Street interviews, body language and proxemics
  • Pre-attack indicators and Deception cues
  • Traffic stop strategies and squad car positioning
  • Responding to calls & general driving strategies
  • Pursuit issues and consequences (emotional, criminal, civil)
  • Directing and controlling traffic
  • Off-duty perspective: tactically, physically and emotionally