This evidence based course separates fact from fiction regarding frequently held beliefs about Use of Force. Are officers required to use minimal force? Does violating agency policy cause civil liability? Do continuums help officers make Use of Force decisions? These questions and more will be answered based on established case law and objective research.

This comprehensive course addresses what happens before, during, and after a Use of Force incident and provides model practices that benefit the officer and the agency, by instilling the confidence to use force. This course uses video review, case studies, and small group discussion as the primary delivery methods.

  • Dispelling the Myths
  • Use of Force Continuums: Are They Necessary?
  • Report Writing and CYA: Can You Articulate?
  • Decisions Under Stress: What Really Happens During a Use of Force Encounter
  • When the Smoke Clears: Preparing for the Aftermath of Deadly Force
  • Below 100: Be the Change
    • Introduction to the Below 100- Practical ways of reducing Line Of Duty Deaths
    • Five tenets that will save your life