Most officers, commanders, and risk managers view the police crash as “the cost of doing business” and an anticipated cost of a departmental budget. However, crashes and “traffic incidents” are more than numbers on a page and line-items on a spreadsheet. Officers are killed and seriously injured everyday in and around their squad cars. Beyond the Cones examines these phenomenon from both a financial and human perspective. It focuses on solutions to reduce deaths, injuries, and the high cost of property damage.

Topics addressed, include but are not limited to:

  • the historical view of police involved crashes
  • personal injury consequences
  • financial restraints
  • the ultimate sacrifice
  • outdated vehicle operation training curriculum
  • Code 1 or “non-emergency driving.”
  • patrol investigational driving
  • observational driving
  • intersection clearing
  • backing, parking, squad positioning
  • non-emergency lane use
  • police related distractions
  • the value of seat belts